Somebody almost walked off with all of my stuff (For Colored Girls)

As many times as I’ve heard this poem. It moved me like never before at this point in my life. I almost lost it all. I almost made the choice to lose it all. I almost gave another total control of my future. I almost allowed him to walk away with my sanity, my self worth, and my life. I became unrecognizable and yet God was doing so much in my life.Taking me to world platforms, opening great and effectual doors and taking my gifts before Kings and yet I was casting my pearls before swines. He was so broken and I thought I could save him but in the end both of us needed to be saved. So often we give so much of our self to one person till there's nothing left for you and you realize you gave some body all your stuff they didn't even have to take it. This is not the full poem I shortened it and personalised it.  Hope it inspires someone to get your stuff back!
Somebody almost walked off with all of my stuff (For Colored Girls) ***I personalised and added my own name Somebody almo…

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Christmas Without You- Coping with grief at Christmas

Christmas is a time of mixed feelings for those who are missing someone they love. As we gather with family and friends, the absence of a loved one
may be felt even more intensely. Whether it’s a parent or partner who has left the family or a loved one who has died, you may be left feeling out of step with the jolliness of the season and the carols. It is especially important at this time to take care of yourself and those around you who have also experienced significant loss or change .

It's important to remember that not everyone is surrounded by large wonderful families. Some of us have problems during the holidays and sometimes are overcome with great sadness when we remember the loved ones who are not with us. And, many people have no one to spend these times with and are besieged by loneliness.

While some people keep busy to distract themselves others prefer to withdraw to their memories and reflections there is no right or wrong way to act or feel.I remember the first Christma…


Many of those who are African have the iniquity of idolatry, sorcery and many other evil things in their ancestral lineage. As a result, the focus tends to be on the negative to the neglect of the positive traits of our genealogy which are for our good and favour! David took time to find out his genealogy and used that as an advantage to save his parents from Saul in 1 Samuel 22:3 “And David went from there to Mizpah of Moab; and he said to the king of Moab, Let my father [of Moabite descent] and my mother, I pray you, come out [of Judah] and be with you till I know what God will do for me.” David’s ancestor Boaz had broken the cultural norm and regulations and married Ruth the Moabitess and David grabbed that piece of history to his advantage.

A positive trait I have found out from my lineage and tribe is the aspect of leadership and influence. Like David, I have wisely taken that legacy for myself and taken my place of leadership and influence. The Mhofu (Eland) clan was the first cl…


I have loved and lost
I have trusted and been betrayed,
I have believed in people and been deceived and taken advantage of
I have experienced the pain of unrequited love
I have experienced the broken heart countless times,
The wrenching emptiness and the pain and horror of rejection,
I have let my guard down for the wrong men and built walls around my heart and missed on opportunities because I would not let some good people in. I have loved men who didn’t share my love for God, and have split my heart.
I have believed in a lie that my worth was based on my looks and popularity, and have split my soul.
I have made decisions not in line with what God’s ways, and have split my mind.
I have pursued love in the wrong places because I didn’t feel whole alone, and have split my strength. But I STILL BELIEVE IN LOVE BECAUSE GOD IS LOVE!!!! " Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things, LOVE NEVER FAILS- 1 Corinthians 13:7-8


Its exactly 6 years since you were taken from us but in our hearts you still live. The rest of the people remember you as a visionary leader who was once the Vice-President of Zimbabwe but I remember you as the nephew who loved me and honoured me and never ever called me by first name. I remember you living with us for a while because our farm was closest to your farm and because you were hiding away from the Gukurahundi ordeal which affected you and your family and resulted in your Bulawayo house burning and your dear wife being seriously injured in the fire. I remember arguing with you then that there could be no possible way I could be your mother since you were old and had a beard and I wasnt even in school. But now I look in retrospect maybe you saw a bit of your late mother in me since she was my tete and from my bloodline or maybe you saw the greatness in me that I didnt see then or maybe you just respected the fact that I was your maternal aunt regardless of our age differenc…

Lesson learned through giving

When I was in hospital after my C-section in Mbuya Nehanda Maternity Home I witnessed mothers who lived in abject poverty and would not even have clothes for their newborn so I started giving away some of what I had for my own baby even though at that time I was not working and had nothing. I was literally living on handouts and assistance from friends and not even sure how I was going to provide for my baby after we were discharged from the hospital.

It pained me to see some people did not even have cotton wool for the post natal bleeding ...I then immediately understood why I had been in that situation so I shared the little I had. I gave away some clothes and wrappers and cotton wool and even shared food that my family and friends would bring me because some of the people did not get visitors at every session and I had visitors at every slot and they always brought food and more clothes.

Because I am an orphan I did not get a lot of help from most relatives except for a few family me…


1. I am grateful for my relationship with God. He has never left or forsaken me. 2. I am grateful for the honour of being a mum to my Nyasha Grace. Just when i feel down she just has to smile or give me her random hugs n kisses and suddenly nothing else matters. 3. I am grateful for the ability to write. for me writing is therapeutic and helps me confront my personal issues. I. have suffered a lot of tragedies in my life including surviving rape at age 4 and sexual molestation and so I write with the intention to help others heal and overcome their issues 4. I am grateful for my parents Fanwell and Mavis Gotora. Even though they are no longer alive they left a rich legacy of love and faith that I continue to harvest from.The one outstanding thing about my mum is the odds she had to overcome. By the time she met my dad my mum was a single mum in the 1960's but she had her life organised. she had taken out mortage and owned a property and she was driving and doing well in her nursing c…